The figaro is warm and cozy in the coldest wettest weather.
It is good to drive and the auto gearbox changes smoothly.
It is quiet enough to listen to the radio and talk in comfort.
The roof is easy to raise and lower. Heater and airconditioning is effective.
The brakes are good but the back may break away on hard braking in the wet.
It is comfortable on a long run, we recently sat there for 3,500 miles in 2 weeks.
It looks like a townies car but can be driven like a sports car!
Although it is nearly twenty years old it has all mod cons.
For a quick getaway use second gear and change up at 40mph.
Up hill at less than 30mph change down to 2nd gear.
On motorways let it go!
This is based on my experience and is for information only!
I am no kind of expert - I just know what I like.

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