During 2011 we entered the MSA Euroclassic which is a non competitive rally type event. We drove FIG21 3,543 miles in 16 days through France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
In spite of the tough conditions, steep inclines on twisting mountain passes at speed in second gear and fast motorway driving FIG21 performed faultlessly.
Details regarding the route can be found at:
After finishing the route at Parma in Italy we returned by driving along the Med to Cannes then north through Grenoble and Reims to Calais.
Oops I nearly forgot - we also had a go on a race track, I completed 2 laps then chickened out - those corners come up fast and I didn't want to roll the Fig, I did get the tires screeching a bit.
A wonderful experience!
In 2012 we completed the MSA rally again but we did not enjoy it as a great deal of the driving was on boring motorways in Spain. We stayed in hotels in large towns arriving in the evening in the rush hour and leaving in the morning in the rush hour so we will not be taking part this year. The rally was also too late in the year and the weather was not nice.

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