After a great deal of research on the internet this is my version of the the history of the Fig engine!
The Fig engine MA10ET is a turbo based version of the K10ET. There is also a supercharged version of the K10ET, this is the MA09ERT.
The MA09ERT engine has a turbo similar to the Fig engine in addition to a supercharger. This supercharged engine was fitted in the March(Micra) Superturbo of 1988. The MA09ERT has a capacity of 930cc and developed 110ps compared to the Fig engines 988cc and output of 74ps. 
On this basis the Fig engine is not some pussy cat but a slumbering giant, I believe if it can support an output of 110 ps it can be thrashed with no harm!
On this basis I drove at a steady 80 and 90 mph on practically empty French and Italian motorways on our recent tour of the continent.
At 90mph the engine is purring at 5500rpm.
The car pictured above right is a March Super turbo.
The intake on the bonnet is for the intercooler.

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